Cours du 13 novembre au 4 décembre

1. Thanksgiving nowadays. What is it ?

2. What do you know about Thanksgiving?

2. Watch the video and do the activity. (notée)  >> click here


Answer these questions (write full sentences)
1.From which city, country, and continent did the Pilgrims leave for the New World?
2..Why did the Pilgrims decide to escape their country?
3. When did they depart ?
4.What was the name of their ship?
5. How many people were on board the Mayflower?
.Which ocean did they cross?
7. To which continent did they sail?
8. How long did their journey take?
9.When did they arrive in the New World?
10. What happened to half of them?
11. Who was Squanto ? Explain.
12. What were the Native Americans dressed in ?
13 Explain why the Pilgrims decided to have a big dinner/feast.
14. What food did they eat ? (be precise).


ex 1   ex 2  ex 3  ex 4

3.Comic strip : Put the images in the correct order of the story. Fill in the blanks. click here to do the exercise

4. Je retiens…simple past (à imprimer/coller)  Cours sur le passé: click here for the lesson


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