SPEAKING – Work in pairs / play the dialogues

1. Talk about what you did last week end.    exercise

2. You help someone find their way in Lille city center.  exercise

3. You order something to eat in a fast-food restaurant. Interact with the waiter/waitress.  exercise

4. Do you use social media, like Instagram or Snapchat ? How do you use it? Interact.  exercise

5. What are your plans for the summer holidays? Interact. exercise

6. Talk about what you do in your everyday life to help the Planet. Interact. exercise


You can use some expressions like :

Oh great !/  How fun ! / It sounds amazing !
Really ?
Same ! / me too !

I think so ! /  I don’t believe
No way !
Well… / You know…

And you ? / How about you ? / Can you tell me…?


15 minutes of preparation –> you can write key words 

Play it in front of the class


LISTENING 1 – eating out

listening eating out


LISTENING 2  – Giving directions

giving directions activities


LISTENING 3 – plans for the week end



LISTENING 4 – an invitation to a party

click here listening