LCE : Let’s have fun in LCE !

Every Friday, you are going to do different FUN activities in pairs or on your own. You will have to prepare at home and then present your work in front of the class. The goal is to speak English and interact !

There will be a few activities :
  1. Tongue Twister  – one per week to learn by heart ! -click here-

  2. Show & Tell (my favorite thing)  one student every week  -click here

  3. Celebrations and holidays – one group twice a month -click here-

  4. Breaking News – one student every week   – click here –

  5. My favorite song – one student every week –  click here

  6. My favorite film – one student every week


–> Planning des exposés LCE  avec dates et noms des élèves

Planning exposé 2eme trimestre



Pour résumer, en LCE :

-> le mardi, cours plutôt classique, avec des séquences liées à l’histoire, la littérature anglo-saxonne, l’actualité (et des projets !)
-> le vendredi, des activités ludiques : classe inversée, les élèves font cours !