The Queen’s 70th Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th Jubilee

1. What do you know about Queen Elizabeth 2nd  ?

2. What is a « Jubilee » ? How do British people celebrate it in the UK ?


Watch this video and do the activities below

–> UNDERSTAND – Watch the first video and fill in this document –> Queen’s jubilee worksheet


–> READ – Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee


Watch this video and do the activities below

Complete this document -> jubilee -complete the text

Watch these video of the Jubilee

What are the names of the 2 royal castles ?
What is the Queen doing ?


Who are the Royals you can see ?
Where are they?
What are they doing ?


What happened on this special night ? Where?
Who spoke on stage before the concert ?


Who is in the video ?
Where are they ?
What time of the day is it ?
What are they having for tea ?
Is Paddington following the Royal manners/rules?
What is the Queen’s reaction ? Does she have a good sense of humour ?

–> READ/WRITE – What are the etiquette rules people should follow when eating with The Queen ?

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