Unit 5 – Ireland is coming to school !

Cours du 25 mars

1. Take a look at this map of Ireland. What do you know about Ireland?

Ireland - EnchantedLearning.com | Printable maps, Map, Color activities

Facts and figures : Ireland – facts and figures


2. Watch the videos !


Watch the videos of Dublin, Belfast and Donegal. What would you do if you could go to Ireland?
Complete these sentences by using the words you have spotted in the video.



a. If I could go to Dublin, I ____________________________________ because it looks_________________

b. If I could visit Belfast, I  ____________________________________because it looks __________________

c. If I could do sports in Donegal, I _______________________________because it looks ___________________


Cours du lundi 29 mars

1. recap Ireland + correction devoirs Dublin, Belfast and Donegal. What would you do if you could go to Ireland?

2. A day in Dublin !

Reading – Let’s visit the city of Dublin –> Dublin – reading     Now, get some information about these famous places  click here


A faire pour le prochain cours

1. Listening – Let’s fly to Dublin !

Complete this worksheet –> dublin trip CO

2. à faire/finir –> irish food ! – click here >> irish-food


Cours du mercredi 30 mars

1.correction des activités (CO + irish food)

2. READING – here’s what the play is about. Do this activity ! –> CE – hot spud1


Cours du vendredi 1er avril

1ère heure

1. Correction Irish Food + trace écrite

3. Correction du test de connaissances  + distribution des copies de tâches finales corrigées.


2ème heure

1. Correction « reading : Hot Spud »
–> recap / trace écrite.
–> recopier le vocabulaire dans le cahier.

2. Read the summary of each scene (in pairs)

In pairs, choose 2 scenes of the play, try to understand, and answer these questions:
> where ?  > who?  > what ?   > when ?    > why ?       > how ?

click here > hotspud-_-scenebyscene

Recap and report to your classmates.
Who are the characters ?

Exercise  –>  vocabulary

Quiz –> click here


Cours du mercredi 6 avril

Interview a star

1.LISTEN >>> and complete >>> mcgregorA2


2.TASK:  Prepare 10 questions to ask the comedians after the show. Write down their answers.

3.extra work –> exercice


Cours du vendredi 8 avril

A compléter > …opinion+vocabulaire pour rédiger un article


Clique ici pour faire l’épreuve du Big Challenge 

meme épreuve sur Acrobat clique ici

Clique ici pour les réponses –> here