Back to school !

Cours du 8 novembre

1. Welcome back to school ! Let’s talk !

How was your holiday break ? Did you enjoy it ?

It was cool  / fun / amazing / OK / not so cool / too long / boring
I had a great time  ≠    I didn’t have fun
Time went too fast  ≠   It was too long

What did you do during the holidays ?

I played video games / football / the piano 
I relaxed / I slept
I went to…     ≠    I didn’t go to …
I did my homework
I watched TV
I enjoyed the nice weather
I stayed at home
I visited my grandparents
I saw my friends    ≠  I didn’t see my friends


2. Passage à l’oral des tâches finales


3. Do you know who was Guy Fawkes ?

Maintenant fais cette activité (voc)  Guy Fawkes preparation task – vocabulary

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